Salt Lake City–Fightin’ the good fight for me

I just bought and listened to “Didn’t it Feel Kinder,” the new solo album from Amy Ray (also of Indigo Girls). It’s soooo great. The absolute highlight was a track I’d already heard about before the release, a song dedicated to my beloved Salt Lake City. Early this year Ray came to Salt Lake to help Utahns try to save a community-owned radio station, KRCL, which was being completely reformatted (aka, all volunteer DJs were replaced by “professionals), supposedly to attract a broader base of listeners. She was apparently impressed with all the passion of “the kids” in Salt Lake City. Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

Salt Lake City radio radio

fightin’ the good fight for me

All the songs, all the words,

don’t get played, don’t get heard

I’m pullin in to the LDS nation

Lookin’ for the community station

‘Cause we heard about the kids in Salt Lake City

and how they fight to be set free

and how they fight for you and me

and radio, radio community.”

Makes me proud about my kids in SLC, but it also makes me sad KRCL couldn’t be saved in its more than 30 year old format. Since the changes, Radio Free Utah is still pretty cool, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it used to, and it doesn’t have the really obscure, but interesting musical selections it used to have. Bah, I guess we’ll have to keep fighting the good fight against big media…


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