WTF do the Huxtables have to do with the DNC?

Seriously, if I hear one more talking head tell me the Obamas had to “rebrand” themselves into the Huxtables tonight…

They clearly attempted to show themselves as a relatable, average family. But the Huxtables? Really? Because the only way the American public could understand what a wholesome, loving black family is like is if they’re rebranded into the Huxtables?

Honestly, STFU, punditry.


Michelle Obama at the DNC

Sure, I got a little teary eyed at the speech and I thought it was wonderfully delivered.

But afterward, I responded to this open Feministing thread on the speech with this summary of my feelings:

She’s a great speaker. I thought it was a fantastic speech.

I could do without the political theater with the kids and such, but then again, I could do without another Republican presidency…If that nonsense is going to help, I guess I’ll swallow the pill.

Tomorrow’s Fox News Headline:
“Obama Campaign Pimps Out Daughters”

Then I realized what the pageantry of the evening at the DNC was bringing to mind:

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It was a good speech, and to be fair, I LOOOOVE Chicago and that scene. It’s just…hahaha…it’s cheap.

Still, weighing a political speech like that against tonight’s cable news press corp that worked like this, the razzle dazzle of the Obamas bothers me least.